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Product Phosphorus pentoxide    
Molecular formula P2O5 CAS # 1314-56-3
Molecular weight 141.4    
Quality standard
Index name Value
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)% ≥98
Fe% ≤0.02
Heavy metal(asPb )% ≤0.02
Water insoluble matter % ≤0.02
Properties white crystalline powder , relative density2.39. Melting point580-585℃
Uses The material of phosphate , drier, dehydrate agent, or used in medicine, pesticide, surfactant.
Output 50T/M
Packing & transportation plastic film lined woven bag (25kg),or plastic film lined metal pail (160kg). with the sign of "corrosive matter" .
First grade inorganic acid, U,N. 91034. Sealed, stored in dry and airiness place.
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