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Product Phosphorus oxychloride Other Name  
Molecular formula POCl3 CAS # 10025-87-3
Molecular weight 153.33    
Quality standard
Index name Value
Salable product Premium grade
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Colorless transparent liquid
PCl3 % ≥98 ≥99
Free phosphorous% ≤0.2 ≤0.2
Boiling range
≥97 ≥97
Properties Colorless fume liquid , relative density1.675, Melting point2℃, Boiling point105.3℃,
Uses used in medicine, pesticide, dye, phosphate ester and fire retardant, herbicide, plasticizer, intermediate, chlorinated agent and extract agent
Output 10000T/Y.
Packing & transportation China: plastic drum ,50KG/drum.
Export: plastic coated metal pail,300KG/drum.
First grade inorganic acid, U,N. 91022. Sealed, stored in dry and airiness place. No mixed with inflammable and moisture-adsorbing matter
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